InstaGlue is a bonding agent used in our revolutionary instant coving system. Together with InstaCove, InstaGlue works to form a strong seal, making coving any area faster and easier than ever before. A fast, consistent cure rate, high tensile strength, and adhesion to non-porous or undulating surfaces ensure a great coving finish every time with InstaGlue.

InstaGlue is ideally suited to rougher or more undulating surfaces where InstaTape isn’t suitable. For flat surfaces, use our InstaTape adhesive instead.

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Why InstaGlue?

InstaGlue features:

  • Can be mixed with sealant booster for faster curing
  • Fast, consistent cure rate
  • Not dependent on moisture for curing
  • Acts as both an adhesive and a sealant
  • Remains flexible even after curing
  • Can be used on non-porous substrates
  • Ensures fast overall production speeds

InstaGlue Technical specifications:

  • Skin formation: Approx. 15 minutes, depending on environmental factors
  • Tensile stregth at 1 hour: >70 psi
  • Tensile stregth at 24 hour: >300 psi
  • Temperature resitance: -30c tp +80c

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