What do you need for your insta coving?

InstaCove is the most flexible coving product on the market – so flexible it can be shaped to almost any surface, no matter how uneven. Tested and proven in a wide range of demanding environments, InstaCove has been proven to be a safe, fast, and effective way of establishing floor to wall coving in minutes.

The InstaCove instant coving system can be used with two types of adhesive: InstaTape for flat surfaces or InstaGlue for rough or undulating surfaces. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs in more detail when you place your order.

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Why InstaCove?

  • Comes in convenient lengths for fewer joins when installing
  • Anti-bacterial material for peace of mind in any setting, including food, health, and pharmaceutical environments
  • Tested at temperatures ranging from -40 to 177 degrees Celsius for extreme resilience
  • Can be used with all types of finishes and applications such as epoxy, polyurethanes, polyaspartics, polyesters, paint, and many more
  • Creates a seal that is water and chemical proof, keeping coved areas free from contamination
  • Note: In extreme environments (i.e. temperature range or high pressure washing) pre-coloured Instacove is recommended.
  • Easy to clean – rounded top edge prevents buildup of dirt and grime
  • Paintable surface so you can apply a variety of finishes to the cove face
  • For use in any type of building including commercial, industrial, and residential
  • Comes in a wide range of colours including:
    • Deep Cream (Y25)
    • Blue Belle (B41)
    • Dark Grey Blue (B54)
    • Serpentine (G22)
    • Light Grey (N35)
    • Koala Grey (N45)

Also available in any standard Australian colour via special order.

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